Youth Forum

Do you want to know about how decisions are made in a major organisation? Do you have a passion for arts, culture, heritage and museums? Are you keen to be involved in helping shape the future direction of Norfolk Museums Service and Norfolk Library and Information Service?

Roles are available for young people aged 14-25 years as a Young People’s Champion (aged 14-17) or a Young Ambassador (aged 17-25). Being part of a Youth Forum enables you to gain a real understanding of how decisions are made and to represent the voice of other young people in your local area.

As a Young People’s Champion, you will represent the views of other young people in your group and work alongside the Young Ambassadors to feed these ideas and viewpoints to the Youth Board.

As a Young Ambassador you will be part of the Youth Board and play a key part on the Strategic Project Steering Group helping to shape the future direction of Kick the Dust, whilst keeping youth voice at its heart.

‘My experience has been highly positive. It has allowed me to connect with other young people with a similar interest in the industry. It has also provided me with varied work experience that will contribute significantly to my search for employment in the sector. I have learnt so much more about the heritage sector and the abundance of roles at play, which has led me to new interests and career goals. Engaging with people currently working in the sector has been invaluable and deepens my understanding of the importance of the work the museum services do in the local community.’ (Marr, Young Ambassador)

For more information and how to apply, email [email protected].