The Heritage Collectives

Join your local Heritage Collective in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Kings Lynn or Thetford to explore the history of the local area in a creative way. Ages 18-25 years.

The Heritage Collective is aimed at young people aged 18-25 years. The groups will agree the projects they wish to work on and co-deliver and co-produce work in collaboration with colleagues in local libraries and museums.

So, if you want to influence what happens in your local library and museum then join your local Heritage Collective. Topics will range from devising trails, to uncovering local history, to putting on exhibitions of your work.

We can’t say what those projects are as they have yet to be designed by the Young People, and that includes YOU!

If you have ideas and want to come and help to make those decisions, please email [email protected]. You can come and find out more, and help us to choose what to start with. It might be:

  • To find out information about archives and the local area
  • To create a game
  • Curate an exhibition
  • Set up escape room
  • Make a murder mystery
  • Write and edit a zine
  • Highlight our local history
  • Try a new challenge


We can’t do it without you so get in touch!

So you know what some of our Kick the Dust groups have been up to, read on… it might give you some ideas.

The Bridge for Heroes charity worked with the group in Kings Lynn and community artist, Nicola Marray Woods. They created a mural to remember the veterans who the charity supports.

The Time Turners made a Civil War Siege Shuffle card game using archives and artefacts linked to the English Civil War.

Groups have curated an exhibition about Glass. We chose the artefacts from the collection and placed the objects alongside work by Churchill Park Complex Needs School students who had designed and painted their own themed glass collection.

In Norwich the Climate Change group worked with artist Gennadiy Ivanov and Councillors to develop their responses to the Climate Murals and host an event in City Hall

More information is available from [email protected]